Welcome to the St. Joseph Stockyards

By Benjamin Herrold Missouri Farmer Today

ST. JOSEPH — Under the steel gray of a cloudy sky, a strong Northern Missouri wind ripped across the flat terrain of the St. Joseph Stockyards. The wind brought some chill to this October day, but the employees at the stockyards bustled along with their work. It was a Thursday — cleanup day at the stockyards.

As of September 2012, the stockyards have local ownership again. Mark Servaes, of Atchison, Kan., is the new owner, but he has long ties to St. Joe’s historic stockyards. He has worked at the stockyards since 1991 and managed the facility since 2001. He runs a cattle operation near Atchison with his dad, and he remembers coming to the stockyards as a kid to sell cattle.

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